Preserve the content of elements after removing "properties" from them

As usual, I was updating small things in our design system. Recently, I added the “Text” property to the button and inputs component to make it easier to replace content in bulk processing.

Over time, I realized that neither I nor the team was using it, so I decided to remove it. I assumed that since I was only removing the property and not moving the text element itself, everything would go smoothly, and as with adding it, all the content would be preserved in all files.

I was wrong. The texts of all buttons and inputs were reset and became “Placeholder” as in the component.

I updated the files unsuspectingly. A few days later, I noticed that the content had been reset. I can’t do anything now (except manually copy the data from the backup) because the file was being worked on after this change.

So I would like Figma to make some updates here:

  1. Save the content of subordinate elements when deleting “properties”

  2. Improve the “history” functionality and expand the capabilities that would allow users to avoid such critical situations and recover from them manually.
    I would be very happy to have a feature that would allow you to push the view of a specific element/section/page of a file to its current version.