Preserve Scroll Position is not working for a nav in auto layout

I’m trying to preserve the scroll on a form. I have named the top layers as the same (apply now) which is what all the support I’ve read has said to do. The page that I want to preserve scroll also has an apply now frame but it is not a component. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi Anna! Thank you for taking the time to share the details of your issue!
This looks odd :thinking: Can you also try to edit the top-level frame names with matching prefix to see if that helps? (Frame names have a common prefix, followed by a forward slash. For example, frames Checkout / Empty and Checkout / Complete match. )
Reminder: Top-level frames are frames placed directly on the canvas.

More information on Preserve scroll position in our Help Center article here:

If this doesn’t help, I would recommend you to contact our support team with a copy of your file so we can investigate it further here:

Do you know how to keep a top frame when the rest of the page is in auto layout? I’m struggling with that as the page needs auto layout for the footer to be pushed down as the accordion menu opens. If the whole frame isn’t in auto layout then the footer cuts off at the bottom.


Thank you for your reply Anna! We will need more context to help troubleshoot and investigate further. Can you reach out to our support team and send a copy of your file and a quick video recording of current behaviour? Please fill out the form here: This will be the most helpful to better visualise and help you. Thank you for your understanding!

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