Presenter Notes

This would be an amazing feature to have. I’ve been interviewing for jobs recently and conduct all my portfolio presentations in Figma. Having speaker notes corresponding to each slide would be a big help for calling out key talking points, metrics, etc., and keeping the timing on track in general.

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Yes, I would definitely use this feature!

Over a year later… would still love to see this feature! Last year I was longing to have presenter notes for my portfolio/case study presentations while job searching, and now as a DS Designer… it’s still something that would be incredibly valuable in my day to day saving me heaps of time. :slight_smile:

Right now the options are: export Figma slides as images and add to Google Slides, have the notes up in another screen and hope you don’t lose track, use the Pitchdeck plugin that’s pretty close but not quite as flexible as it could be, or present with no speaker notes.

Hey All, thank you for the feedback and apologies for the lack of acknowledgement!

We hear you. This is definitely on our team’s radar, but we don’t have an exact timeline we can provide just yet. Feel free to keep an eye out on our future releases.


Figma please could you help us with this - googling this at 22:30 ahead of my presentation in the morning to see if there’s a more efficient way - #bump

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Just throwing in my support for this. I think it could double as notes for sharing too. I was looking for a way to share my screens with annotations so the team don’t have to go to the Figma board and navigate as they aren’t designers and aren’t familiar with Figma.