Post-swap styles workflow

Hey all,

My team is trying to make a company-wide design system, with a common set of base components but different colour palettes for each product.

Currently, our setup is that we have 1 published file with the base components,
and each product’s colour palette is a separate published file. Each product has their own unpublished working file, which has the base components library and product colour library on.

The ‘swap styles’ feature is super useful in helping us to swap out the base component file’s styles for each product’s styles, but we realised that it seems to be a once-off swap. After we swap the styles, when we continue trying to make new screens within the working file, the components we pull from the assets panel are still using the colour styles of the base component file.

Wondering what other team’s workflow is for this – do you have to keep swapping the styles every time after you finish your screens, or is there another way to easily ensure that base components are always using styles pulled from another library DURING building?


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