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Possibility to export assets as .eps

To enhance the workflow between Figma and After Effects, it would be great to be able to save Figma Assets as .eps files since After Effects does not support .svg, which cause an extra work step - firstly saving .svgs and converting them as .eps or .ai.

I have tried using AEUX Plugin as well to bring the Figma Assets into After Effects. It is great for small scenes. However, for the bigger compositions, it does not yet work properly - as a result Figma either crashes, or there are too many precomps produced in After Effects, which is not the most optimal way to animate objects.

Therefore, to enhance the workflow between Figma and After Effects and still have the possibility to manually arrange scenes in After Effects, it would be great to have an opportunity to export assets as .eps. This will save an extra work step of converting .svg files.

Thanks a lot!

As a workaround, you can import SVG into Illustrator and then export a file from there to AE.

Dear Gleb,

Thanks for your reply. You see that is exactly what I was doing, but the problem is - it slows down a process quite a bit.
If I export 150 assets and have to manually re-save them as .ai - that takes way more time than just exporting .eps files from Figma directly. Would be a great help & would speed up the workflow and make it more efficient.


You can batch convert SVG to EPS or AI using various methods: from online services to using Illustrator actions or scripts.