Position sticky: I want sticky frame to fix on top of scrolling frames not below

When I use the new Position Sticky feature in Prototyping, the frame that sticks to the top always sits below the frames that scroll. This doesn’t make sense because the point of sticking a frame is so that it sits on top of all scrolling content.
Do I have to re-order the layers somehow? Do I have to check an extra box to make the frame sit on top of all others?

Thank you


UPDATE: I finally found it!!!
You need to set the parent frame to “First on Top” which is deeply and frustratingly hidden in the “Ellipsis” (go figure) in Auto-Layout. OMFG


OMG Thank you!!! I was losing it

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Thank you!!! same here

Thank you so much @James_Stables !
I spent almost 2 hours trying to figure this out! :raised_hands:

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Thanks a ton @James_Stables You saved me a lot of time!

Thank you so much man!

Thank you! You saved me a lot of time too!

Thank you I set the content I wanted to be on top to “First on Top” but I forgot to do it on the parent frame. Now it works nicely :slight_smile: