Playground resizing

Something I think Figma has always lacked is a way for devs to resize components to get a sense of how things behave responsively. The new auto wrapping stuff is great for designers as it means they have to design less seperate components to cover all potential breakpoints, but the new playground seems like the perfect place for devs to be able to stretch and shrink things themselves to see how components behave. This would really streamline handoff even further for us!

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Great idea but IMHO too early as we designers are still limited in creating truly responsive designs due to the lack of support for percentages or fractions (see Use percent for min and max width). I don’t want developers to resize my designs if they don’t behave like they should because I am not 100% able to control that.

That is interesting. I guess for our team - especially now we have min/max width, and auto wrapping - there’s not much we can’t demonstrate. Those features have drastically reduced the number of times we need to make multiple variants of components for different breakpoints or contexts. So I’d argue that sure, it wouldn’t be perfect 100% of the time, but even if it worked 80% of the time it would significantly streamline our handoff process even further.

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