Pixel width / height of frames increases when I export Frames as a PDF in Figma

We are merging two pdfs into one. The first pdf is coming from an html script with 595 pixel width, the second is coming from Figma, also with a 595 pixel width. However, when I export the frames in Figma as a PDF, the pixel width changes to be in the 700s. So when I merge the two pdfs together, they are different sizes. Why is this happening?

Hey @Heeral_Prakash, sorry to hear this is happening!

We had a previous bug that would add additional pixels to an export if your frames were not sitting on whole pixels, but we pushed a fix for it last September 2023.

Can you please check if your frames are aligned to the pixel grid at whole pixels?

Either way, we’ll definitely pass this along to our team to ensure we investigate if this is related to the previous bug.