Payment Issue

Hello Figma support team !
We are reaching out to you regarding a payment issue. We paid for two design seats annually, but for some reason , Figma is requesting a $30 monthly payment for the same seats . We have no idea why we are receiving reminders for the monthly payment when we have paid for the two design seats annually. Inform us of any payment issue arose and the non - occurrence of the payment.

Please reach out to us soon, since we are not able to access Figma for now .

We have attached the screenshots for Figma’s reference.

Hey @shivanshi_gupta,
Sorry to hear this happening! This usually happens because there are added seats outside the original annual agreement. From your screenshot, it seems that you have 2 additional full seats are charged $15 a month.

To solve this, please downgrade any unneeded full seats to the Viewer-Restricted role.

To see who is currently on a full (paid seat) and perform this downgrade:

  1. Select the admin console next to your team name on the left side of the file browser
  2. Navigate to the Members tab of your team page
  3. Set the Design role and FigJam role filters to Full to display all billed users
  4. Downgrade any Full seat to Viewer-Restricted to remove that user from billing

I also recommend having an admin set up email notifications to receive an alert when a seat is upgraded.

Please let me know once these seats have been reduced. If you still can’t fix it, feel to reach out directly to the support team: here
Be sure to use your Figma account email, they can check and have a deeper a look into your account details.