Pasting bitmap image from illustrator doesn't work

Trying to migrate a very graphic slide deck from illustrator to Figma. I have no problem copy-pasting vectors, but bitmaps are just pasted as an empty frame :frowning:

I’m afraid I’ll have to export all assets as png first and then import them into figma, but that takes up considerably more time than just copy-pasting :melting_face:

Is this normal behavior or anyone else having this problem? Is there an easier workaround??

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Hi @andrea-hg ,
For your information, to double check: SVG Symbol, marker and clipPath elements are not currently imported. You can find more information here:

Solution: It actually had to do more with Illustrator than with Figma. To copy & paste bitmaps from illustrator to Figma with ease, the ‘include svg’ setting (under clipboard handling) must be unchecked.

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