Paragraph spacing do not work

Hello, i have a big problem !

When i’m changing my paragraph spacing in my text style, it doesn’t change my text… In my example, you can see i set the paragraph spacing to 91 (huge spacing) but i still have a kind of 20.

It’s working for other properties. I’ve restart Figma but still have the issue.

Please help me, thank you


Hi there,

Thanks for flagging. I will check this behavior with our internal team and will get back to you once I have any updates.


Hi there,

Our engineering team confirmed it was a bug, and they fixed it. Once you reload the tab, it should be fixed. I confirmed it on my end, but if you keep seeing the issue, please feel free to let us know. Thanks again for flagging!


Im having the same problem, the paragraph spacing simply does not compute


Yeah i had the same problem except what you have to space should actually have a paragraph in it. so you should use ‘Enter’ for a next line then try the feature again… :wink:

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Oh! Thank you for your tips!!

I have the same issue, I came here to find a solution, but turns out its a bug?

got the same problem, seems bugged still

Hi @Aditi_Sharma1 @Bas_Schellekens ,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you share the screenshots or screen recording so we can understand the issue correctly? Also, your working environment such as OS, browser etc would be helpful!

I tested it on my end and it looks working properly at the moment.