Pages and Sub-Pages

I would like to have at least 1-2 Sub-Pages for my Pages in a Figma file. I find it practical and it might give a clearer arrangement and overview… especially in complex and big websites/projects.

Is there anyone else sharing this feature request?

What’s an example of when you would want to use a sub-page?

Let’s say I have Page called “Settings” which is like a Dashboard with categorized settings e.g. Profile, Security, Theme,… if each of these categories would link to a separate/single page, they would be sub-pages of the main page “Settings”.

The sitemap could look something like this:
– Profile settings
– Security Settings
– Theme settings
— …

Ah, got it. I like the idea–it would be helpful for folks who want their entire app to live in one giant Figma file, or for folks who just want more options for structuring their files according to their personal/org best practices.

That said, this feature would be MUCH more useful if we also had the ability to link prototypes across pages. To use your workflow as an example, it would be great if the landing screen for the “Settings” section could live on the Settings Page, and clicking from there would take you to the respective flows for profile/security/etc that live on their own corresponding pages.

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