Page height and accordions

Hi guys, I have a really simple page with a list of accordion elements.
They are inside a page with auto layout, huge to content vertical constraints and vertical gap set to64px.
The issue is this: with these settings the page height resized perfectly when accordions are open/closed, but I get a sort of “bounce” effect in preview, with no animation (which I set inside the accordion component).
If I change the vertical gap to auto, animations is perfect but the page doesn’t resize because the vertical constraints is automatically set as “Fixed”.
This is a short video
What am I doing wrong? :sweat_smile:
Thank you!

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Without access to the video, there’s a chance I might not fully grasp the situation. However, you might be encountering a potential feature limitation when swapping instances or changing variants, especially with nested instances retaining the size of the original instance or variant There is a workaround for it.

To get the nested instance to resize, you can add auto layout on each variant.

Could you share the file link, if you keep seeing the issue? Happy to take a closer look!