Paddings as a separate section in "number scoping" when making variables

Hey wonderful people at Figma,

I love the new variables, absolutely love love them! Here’s just an idea, but when adding a numerical value variable, I wish I could include only “Paddings” as the supported property. Right now when I want to save paddings I have to use “gap (auto-layout)”. While usually these properties are the same value and I can see the though behind not separating them, I do want to play around with them and would like them to be separate, especially when changing modes for device sizes.

Additionally, I’m not gonna start a new thread and I’ve already upvoted the ones I’ve seen, but I would also really like if I could use prototype interactions to change between modes.

Thanks and have a lovely day!

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Thanks for the feedback, @Marie_Rang!

We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.

@Marie_Rang @dvaliao I completely support that idea and would like to extend it to supporting separate variable scoping for all three spacing categories, namely gap, horizontal padding and vertical padding. Within our design system we use semantic spacing tokens to distinguish between horizontal and vertical values, so it would be super cool if I could control which ones pop up in the suggested variables. :heart: