Option to view the original style that an alias name is referring to

Can we include a feature in dev mode that allows us to view the original style that an alias name is referring to? In our design system, we want to use token names to enhance automation and streamline our process in Figma for designers. However, we have made the decision to avoid using tokens in our code base to prevent conflicts with Tailwind utility classes. Developers are not concerned about the alias name itself, but rather require the color class utility that it points to in the ordinal scale.

To address this issue, I am currently implementing a workaround by appending the ordinal number to the alias name, separated by a pipe divider. This helps developers understand the position of the color on the ordinal scale.

One potential solution is to enable a hover-over functionality on the alias name in dev mode, allowing users to view the reference style. Alternatively, we could consider adding an option in the hex dropdown to switch to the reference style, which would also help resolve this problem.


I have noticed that this problem is being addressed in some of the upcoming variable features, which I have tested in Figma beta and found to be effective. Thank you, Figma for implementing these improvements.

@Saleena_Beharry1 Do you mind sharing what features in beta worked for you?