Option to dock (fix in place) context menu

The context menu in FigJam is always in my way. It’s frequently on top of the very thing I need to access. I accidentally click options I don’t want all the time, which I then need to undo. It’s very frustrating. For me, having content constantly appear and disappear (menus) creates a poor UX.

Provide the option to fix the context menu in one place in the screen and move it around where I want it. It wouldn’t be fixed to the canvas, but to a fixed point in the window. I can put it wherever is convenient for me. Dovetail does this nicely with their tag menu. It pops up, stays visible, and I can drag it around the window where it will stay put. The contents of the menu changes, but the frame stays visible and in place.

Hey Taylor, thank you for your feedback! Please don’t forget to upvote your feature request.