Open Sessions Not Available

I would love to utilize the Open Sessions feature as I work with area teachers; however, when I click on the Share button, I cannot find it as an option. I have a verified education account…so I think my account is eligible to have access to this feature?? Is there anything I need to do utilize this feature? What am I missing?

Hi @Kate_Carlson, Thanks for reaching out about FigJam open session. I completely see how this feature can be incredibly beneficial when collaborating with teachers!

Yes, the open session is available on Professional, Education, Organization, and Enterprise plans.
To start an open session on a FigJam file, you need to have editing access to the file.
You can find more details here: Invite visitors to an open session

Could you please double-check if you [can edit] on that file? If you do not have editing access, please refer to this article for instructions on how to make a request : Request to edit a file

Hope it helps! If you still have an issue after following the instructions above, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share screenshots of the issue.
Hope to hear from you soon.


I think I found the reason that I could not see creating an open session as an option. I had created the FigJam file in my individual space, not within a team. Once I got into my team’s space & created a FigJam board, I found the open sessions option right away!

Thanks for helping me troubleshoot!