Open Overlay Manual Prototyping Issue

Hello. Newbie here. I’ve searched and tried solutions in the community and can’t seem to resolve this issue I’ve been stuck on for a while:
I am using the Open Overlay - Manual for Frame 11, “11. Delivery Details” on a bunch of frames. I’ve turned all my overlays into frames and made sure my starting points were frames as well. They’re still not working in the Prototype. I also tried switching some to Swap Overlay without resolution.
Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!


Link to Project (Hi-Fi Page):

It’s likely that you are doing something odd with your ‘manual’ positioning. When selecting ‘manual’ you should see a semi-transparent version of your overlay, which you can drag to position where it should appear on the parent frame when it is opened.

In your example you may want to run with a ‘centred’ overlay instead.