Open Link in same browser tab?

When adding a prototype link of “On Click>Open Link” is there any way to control whether that link opens in a new tab or stays in the existing tab when viewing in a browser. I’ve seen it happen both ways but can’t figure out how to control it.

I’m linking between pages of the same project and would love to keep in all in one tab.


I have been looking for this solution for days! Why does an external link have to open a new tab? Anyone??

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Struggling with this as well. Would be great to be able to set it so that the link opens in the existing tab.


We’ve been running into the same issue! Would love to determine same-tab or new-tab behaviour, rather than default to a new tab.


I’m having a similar problem, my embedded links (in decks im making) are opening the link in the same tab/closing the pdf and thus disrupting the flow… would like to be able to set the link to open in a new browser tab.

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Did anyone figure how to open pdf links in a new browser tab?

Really would love this as a checkbox feature to open link in a new tab or not. The current default behavior of always opening a new tab is confusing for our users, and memory intensive.

One workaround for TEXT LINKS ONLY is to link to the page – if you have only one prototype flow on that page. However, this doesn’t work for interaction links that are part of a prototype (say, over a graphic) ,

Adding another voice into this mix that still NEEDS this option!

Agreed! Open Link in Same Tab would be very helpful.

As I’m using Open Link as work-around already for fact that can’t link component from one page to another.

It’s bad enough that we have to use this workaround to do something as simple as link to another page in a prototype (when are you going to fix this!!) - but the workaround still sucks and breaks a golden rule in UX - never break the back button.

REALLY need the option to open links in the same tab.

Are you referring to viewing prototypes in a browser window? I was looking for a solution to open a second browser window from a prototype and added target=“_blank” to the link which works. I wonder if using target=“_self” or “_parent” would keep it in the same window.

+100 from me!
Having this would also mitigate the “why can’t I link to a frame on another page” issue as you could then use “open link” with a link to a flow start on another page and have it open in the same window instead of a new one.

Hey all! I don’t when it happened…but it happened!

If you go into the interactions tab and choose “Go to Link,”…

you now get the option with a checkbox to open in a new tab or not!

No fix for when it is a text link though. Those still open in a new tab.

Not just for links as I tested, every object still opens in a new tab (case for app). Is it a bug or there is a rule to use this feature? @Figma_Support