"On Scroll" for prototyping

+1 That would be so helpful for imitating iOS headers behavior, where the main title re-appears in the header area when the page has been scrolled. Using “mouse-down” or “drag” triggers has been far from ideal for me in this case.

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Hey Louis! I captured the screenshot from this year’s Config event of Figma. Una Kravets and Adam Argyle gave a wonderful speech about responsive design and the state of CSS, where they also introduced scroll driven animation in CSS (not in Figma yet) Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APhECDy2U3U&list=PLXDU_eVOJTx61IdqXh3jrvopJN8HGkS5F&index=36&t=12s

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First! (Or, 222nd…) Either way, I’m here to +1 this. Would make a ton of prototypes more “real world” feeling.

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Just here for keeping the post alive! WE REALLY NEED THIS.
Scroll and make elements appears, sticky on top etc. Please FIGMA team :pray:

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Gonna add my two cents here. Scroll events would be really powerful. They are really useful in Webflow, Framer etc so would make my life a lot easier in Figma!

If you need my vote, then be it!

+1 please!

Still waiting for it… Trigger event for Mouse wheel Up/ Mouse wheel Down

+1. We need it 100%. Even just to change the color of header while scrolling.

There is a deficiency in Figma’s prototyping capabilities here. Can this please be considered? By the time it is implemented (if ever), it will be too late for my prototype, but I like to think of a future with this trigger in it.

How is it possible that Figma don’t have this?

we really need it please!

with scroll up / scroll down, scroll position, applicable at pages, components for changing status etc.

+1 really need this!

We need this!