Offset or inset settings for strokes

It would be nice to have an option to have the stroke offset or inset the shape it’s being applied to. As in, when I have a rectangle with a fill applied and want to add a stroke to it, sometimes I want the stroke to be inset or offset of the shape and not on the perimeter. As it stands now I have to copy the shape and group them together, one with a fill and the other as just a stroke and it’s a bit cumbersome. There should be a setting within that dropdown that has the inside, center, or outside settings where you can select inset or offset. Then you can input the amount you want, would make it much easier and quicker.

Up vote! For button focus states this would be great to have as requested here

Adding multiple strokes with offsets to provide focused states is a show stopper for our accessibility certification.

In order for those outlines strokes to be accessible the colour contrast needs to high. This means offsetting a thicker stroke against the page’s background colour rather than say haloing a buttons stroke.

Adobe do this well - something similar would be good for Figma. The autolayout hacks are painful and have a number of issues.