Nudge (and other keyboard shortcuts( for spacing variables

Our team has made the move to variables for spacings. While these are great for consistency and dev handoff, they are slower to work with than raw pixel values.

For example, I could previously click into a padding field, and Shift+Up to big-nudge my way to the right size (I have my nudge set to 8, so I stick with our DS standards). Now, with variables, I have to hover over the field, and then select the new value from the menu. The speed of nudging is lost, as is the drag from field icon shortcut.

When a field already has a variable, it would be great for nudge (shift+arrows) to cycle through the variable menu options, and the drag to work the same. When the field doesn’t have a variable already, it would be great to do those actions, but with a modifier key, to jump to the variable selection.

Thanks for your time!

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