Not enough variable groups

Dear Figma team,
First of all, thank you for implementing variables and modes in Figma. It’s a great feature that helps us to create more solid and reliable designs and hand them over to the development team.

Nevertheless, we have problems in defining the element behavior in terms of responsive design because we only have 4 modes in the subscription but 5 to 6 breakpoints depending on the project/customer we are working for. On the other hand, it is impossible to explain to management that we need to increase the subscription price for everyone by a factor of 6.25 to an Enterprise subscription so that 10 people then get 40 modes but only need 6.

Are there any plans/possibilities to adjust the subscription model without bankrupting the company? ^.^

Hey Soren,
Thank you for your feedback! We hear you and understand the frustration. We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.

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