Not able to use the variable

I am trying to show the hidden box using a boolean variable but the problem happens when I apply the variable on the instance which will change to another variant of it using the time delay, But that change of the variant to another variant is not happening in the time delay prototype but if I give the on-click to change to the other variant that’s work. not sure what is wrong with it.

Attached is the Figma link

Hey @Admin16, thank you for reaching out and sharing a file link with us. I’ve reached out to the team for help. I am not sure if this could be possibly a bug.

Let me come back to you once I have more information on this. Also leaving this open for the community to jump in if they have any solution.

Appreciate your patience in the meantime!

@Gayani_S Thank you for addressing this matter. I’m eagerly awaiting your response on resolving it.

Hey @Admin16, quick question could you please invite with “can edit” permission so we can look into this further? Note that users with emails on your team do not count towards your billing.


I have sent the invitation.

Thanks a lot and apologies for the back an forth, will get back to you as soon as possible!

Hey @Gayani_S have you found any resolution?

Apologies for the delayed response!

Please try the following as a workaround :

  • Use a white (or matching fill color to background) frame/rectangle with the same dimensions and place it directly over the component instance
  • Set the default boolean value to visible (this “hides” the component), and bind the boolean variable to the frame layer visibility
  • Change the prototype interaction for the “show” button to set the boolean to false instead of true

Let me know if this does not work for you, happy to connect you with our technical quality team!

I appreciate your reply, I have tried what you are saying, the problem is I wanted to start the animation on the component only when the component showed up. Hiding the components using the frame will not solve the issue.

Hey @Admin16, got it! I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #992106, for reference. Our technical quality team can take a look at your case. Appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

hey, @Gayani_S may I know the status of the ticket you created?

Hey @Admin16 , of course I can give you an update! You should have gotten an 3 emails at least from us. Can you check your spam folder please?

The last update you received was “…It seems this issue was related a known issue our engineers had been investigating. I have confirmed the fix for the issue has been released now and the after delay interaction seems to trigger now without issues on toggling the boolean variable.”

Someone from our Technical Quality team has attached a screen recording of what they’re currently in the “Dummy” file you had provided. They’ve created a copy of the original setup. Please check your email and view the file link, our team is waiting for your feedback on this.

Let me know if you were able to find the email!

Hey, @Gayani_S thanks for your response and resolution on this issue, I have checked and it seems the issue is resolved now.

Thanks for letting me know!