Non-published components don't receive updates

We’re working on a larger Component library that includes non-published components (components with the prefix _ or .) as base components in order to simplify large, complex components. We intended – in some specific cases – to offer regular components as templates, that a designer would then have to detach and work with a bunch of base components to build the desired design.

What we have come to realize with this approach, however, is that these non-published components don’t receive updates from the library when they are updated in the main library.

Is this intended behaviour?

We basically have the option to simply publish these base components as regular components, but that of course would mean cluttering up the assets overview with a bunch of modular components.

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I just finished replying to another thread you started where you mentioned this topic. Thanks for saving me from making a thread on this topic entirely!

The problem you described is exactly what my team and I are facing. We have a lot of complex components that use the private component feature within a larger single component that is published. We too want to the ability to change those private components and have the published component accept the updates without exposing them in the assets panel.

@Josh is this expected behavior?

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