No fixed position option when using auto layout?

I have an auto layout frame where I’m trying to get the nav bar to fix position at the top of the frame. There is no option in prototyping like when fixing a nav bar in a normal frame. Is this not do-able or am I missing something? I’d also like to create a back to top button in a frame but that doesn’t seem to be possible either. Thanks!

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Hmm. I had already used absolute positioning but I still don’t see that option. What am I missing?

Insert this frame one level higher.

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Excellent! That worked, thank you. I had to move it and absolute position it a second time if anyone runs into the same issue.

That checkbox "Fix Position when scrolling "has been removed. To do the same thing, select your FAB button/icon , go got Prototype > Under scroll behaviour > set the position to Fixed.