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New plugin: Sort on Canvas by Name

I was recently searching for a plugin that would order objects in Figma by name, however all I could find was plugins that sort layers, and not move the actual objects around. So I had to write my own plugin, and here it is: it simply sorts layers on canvas by their name. Left to right, top to bottom.

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This is useful for making presentations, ordering icon sets and keeping your Figma files organized in general. If all selected objects belong to one parent element, the plugin will also sort them in the layers panel like countless other plugins do.

How to use

  • Select layers you want to sort. Preferably they should belong to one parent but anything will work. Run the plugin, it will sort your layers.
  • You can also select nothing, in this case plugin will automatically find all frames (only frames) on the page and sort them.

Have feedback or something is wrong? Feel free to reply here!