New component type - page scope

Hi everyone, I’m proposing an idea of adding a new type of components to Figma, which would have manually/auto restricted scope to one or several pages inside one file.

It is often a situation when you have design system globally accessible, but for example a component/variant of an “item card” is needed only for specific screen and you don’t want it to be globally accessible, clogging the assets of the file. But it is still replicated several times and has several states, so component/variant behavior is expected.

Important note here, is that the proposed local component should also load into the memory only if the current page is opened - that would drastically reduce memory consumption since globally loaded components which are not used consume unnecessary memory.


On the idea of only loading file content (like components) upon the first visit to that page of the file, I actually had a discussion with a Figma engineer who told me they’re exploring this kind of solution! I think Figma recognizes that many teams take the “one component per page” organization structure for their library files, but of course some components get referenced and worked on more than others.

Let me know if I understand correctly: is your proposal that users could decide which pages load immediately when a file is visited?

You can already activate the incremental loading of files. I wrote about it here:

Currently this is achieved by adding a force-incremental=1 query parameter to the URL, but in the future this will be the default loading method.

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Not entirely, my idea is just connected to the incremental loading of files
The goal is to add a new type of component, which is added to the assets only on current page instead of to the global assets of the file, meaning its scope would be a page.

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