New Button to Apply Page Color to entire file

I’m working on a 20-page file and often switch between Dark and Light Mode UI, based on how my eyes feel. I’d like to have the ability to change a file’s page color to my preference and apply it across all pages in the Figma file with a simple button. Perhaps a “Apply to All Pages” button in the Page color panel would work. This way, I wouldn’t have to change the default F5F5F5 page background color on each page individually. I also don’t want to control this UI element with a variable (I see that as an option), as I anticipate my developers getting confused when going through my variables and asking: "What is a Page Background, and where is it applied?”

Hey Joardan, thank you for your feedback! We’ll pass this internally for consideration.

I made a quick plugin to achieve this for you Background Apply All

Just run it and it will apply the current page background to every other page.

As an aside, if you know a bit of code doing this stuff in the console can be quite easy

  1. Open up the console by pressing cmd+P and searching for “Show/Hide console”
  2. In the “Console” tab (between “Elements” and “Sources”) enter the following => page.backgrounds = figma.currentPage.backgrounds)
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