Nested Slot resets to default state when used in files

I have a library of components, some of which are slot-enabled. To allow component nesting, and to get around the “instances of themselves” issue, I use per-component frames to expose separate instance swaps, so they can interoperate. Because this allows on-the-fly construction of novel treatments, the structures can get quite deep. But the basic model is Component->Swap Frame->Swappable Content w embedded frame->.

I have encountered a bug in which one of these deeply-nested components behaves correctly – in the library. When a user links the library and tries to drag the component from their Assets panel onto the canvas, one of the nested exposed slots defaults to an unpopulated state (“<> Pick instance.”) The asset appears correctly in the Assets panel, and also on drag. Something happens when it’s placed in a new file that triggers this one slot to reset, where its siblings are unaffected.

Has anyone seen anything similar to this?

Hey there, are you able to share a screen recording with us?

I’m experiencing the same issue. It doesn’t occur in all instances, only this particular one in my case.

@Li_Zheng I went ahead and created a support ticket for you – someone should be reaching out soon to assist!