Nested Slot resets to default state when used in files

I have a library of components, some of which are slot-enabled. To allow component nesting, and to get around the “instances of themselves” issue, I use per-component frames to expose separate instance swaps, so they can interoperate. Because this allows on-the-fly construction of novel treatments, the structures can get quite deep. But the basic model is Component->Swap Frame->Swappable Content w embedded frame->.

I have encountered a bug in which one of these deeply-nested components behaves correctly – in the library. When a user links the library and tries to drag the component from their Assets panel onto the canvas, one of the nested exposed slots defaults to an unpopulated state (“<> Pick instance.”) The asset appears correctly in the Assets panel, and also on drag. Something happens when it’s placed in a new file that triggers this one slot to reset, where its siblings are unaffected.

Has anyone seen anything similar to this?

Hey there, are you able to share a screen recording with us?

I’m experiencing the same issue. It doesn’t occur in all instances, only this particular one in my case.

@Li_Zheng I went ahead and created a support ticket for you – someone should be reaching out soon to assist!

I’m running into this issue now, too. It’s for an instance 3 ancestors deep. Is there a workaround?

Hey @Walter_Coots1,

After looking at Li’s file, support suggested to:

  1. Check if the component’s default state in the library is set to unpopulated. And if so, change it to the desired populated state.
  2. If the issue persists, review the interaction settings of the component. Any interactions that cause a reset to default state may need adjustment.