Nested conditional button action in overlay closes the overlay and make all other interactions not work until I reset the prototype

I have an overlay that I initial from a bug on my UI. Once it is active, I have a button that has a couple conditional statements turning on certain variables. When I click the button, it turns on what I have set, however all of my other prototype interactions stop working and my overlay closes.

Why is this happening? How to I keep my overlay open after button click and also not have my prototype freeze on me?

Hi there,

In a prototype connection, an action usually takes the user from A to B . When the action is an overlay, Figma shows the overlay above the current screen. It’s like having a layer over the existing screen, which is why you can’t select other elements in the original frame.

Since I haven’t seen your file, my suggestions might not be a perfect fit, but if you want to keep an overlaid frame open, it might be better not to use the overlay. Instead, you could create two separate frames and link them with navigate-to actions. Alternatively, it is possible you could use interactive components by changing states.

I hope it helps but please let me know if you have further questions!