Nested Components Prototyping Bug

Hello, been running into the same problem over the past few months. If using multiple instances of a component inside of another component, they’ll get confused with each other while in prototype mode, resulting in buggy behavior. I’ve had several people in my team come to me with the same problem.

While I did find a fix (naming the components with unique names so they don’t get confused with each other) this feels like a bug that should be automatically handled by Figma. The first time I ran into this I think it took me almost an hour to figure out.

File example

Video of problem:

A related thread, though the solution was the workaround, rather than Figma fixing the source of the problem

Hi there,

hank you for bringing this to our attention. This seems like unexpected behavior. Could you please submit a bug report using this link: Our support team will investigate the issue and, if needed, escalate it to our product team. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.