Need tips for Advanced prototype with 40+ conditions

Hi all, anyone tried to do Figma advanced prototyping with 40+ conditions? I’ve been adding all conditions manually to one page but feels like there’s gotta be a better way

Essentially I’m make a three question quiz, and depended on what people chose they will see different results recommended for them. If you are familiar with modular user flow, that’s what I’m doing.

Right now there are 48 permutations and I’ve been adding “if $answer1=1 and $answer2=2 and $answer3=1, set $showModule1 to true, set $showModule2 to true (goes on up to 14 modules)” one by one

After two permutations the interaction noodle dialog is already almost unworkable.

Hopefully there are some tips :pray:

Hey @Karen_W, thanks for reaching out!

It’s hard to recommend anything specific without seeing your file. Are you you able to share a link, so that we here in the community can take a closer look?