Native spline support

Hey there,

I scoured the forum for “spline” but came up empty-handed in terms of topics. :confused:

Anyone out there aware of whether Figma plans to add native spline support to their roadmap?

Tools like Webflow have nailed it with their implementation, so it would be awesome to see some spline love from Figma too!


Hey Sanny, thanks for the feedback!

This is not on our immediate roadmap, but we’ve updated your topic to a feature request. We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration and use the Votes from the community to gauge overall interest.

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I don’t think it’s in Figma’s DNA to add services from other companies into Figma other than with plugins.
And I think Figma is already pretty heavy in terms of number of features. Figma is known for being easy-to-use software. And over time, I’m just afraid it will become another Photoshop with 3000 features that no one uses.
Even if Spline is an awesome software i vote against.

Solid-, linear-, radial-, angular-, diamond-, Image-, video- or 3d object… I don’t see a problem in that. :slight_smile:

The world evolves.

Interactive 3d object in prototypes would be nice to show to our clients.

In terme of Green UX, adding 3D is bad.
That’s why i don’t want 3D on websites. It’s like videos.
Huge amount of data + increased power consumption