Native Figma Recording

Figma needs to implement a way to record your prototype right within the platform.

I “Shift + Command + 5” to record the prototype, but I then deal with the cursor being displayed. I went as far as downloading a plugin to hide my cursor, but try navigating without a cursor for a video lol its hard!

Seems like a simple implementation that would really help designers.


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It would be great if you could add the option to record the Figma prototype as in built-in function (like Adobe XD). Right now, it seems like the only way to use some third-party software or extension to record the Figma prototype which is annoying and sometimes it’s time consuming too.

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Thanks to Figma for re-opening this thread!

This will be a super helpful feature!

Hoping it can get implemented with different formats and settings to get the most optimized output as well. :v:


Hey Nara! You are welcome, we’ll pass along to our team for consideration.
In the meantime, do not also forget to vote up so we can gauge the overall interest in the community. Thank you!