N00b question: snap to grid only works sometimes

Hello everybody! I started working with Figma a few weeks ago and fell in love immediately. But there are some things that confuse me, and one is snapping to grid.

I have a layout grid that consists of columns and a grid. Most of the time, when designing or moving stuff, it snaps to my grid.

However, I’m making a polygon right now and when I drag the nodes (vertices? corners? I hope you know what I mean), they won’t snap to any grid, making it very difficult to design.

Video: Figma: Polygon doesn't Snap to Grid - YouTube

How can I fix this? What am I missing?

Hey there. I’ve run into this problem before. However, I don’t find it a problem.

I couldn’t reproduce it properly, but it seems if you zoom out a little, you’ll snap to grid as usual. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or it is meant to be this way.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Thanks, it’s much appreciated! Good to know I’m not alone with this issue. I thought perhaps I’d overlooked something.

I tried again at different zoom levels and while snapping feels a bit more reliable when dragging an entire object (e.g., a whole rectangle or polygon), single vertices move completely freely without adherence to any grid. Might just be something we have to live with.

Quick video showing more experimentation recorded just now… More Snap to Grid Experiments in Figma - YouTube

Vertices have never been able to snap to layout grids; only to the pixel grid. It is definitely a missing feature, especially if you’re designing icons.


Good to know, thanks!