My Plugins are gone after reinstalling my windows but still exist in the old installed OS

After replacing my ssd with a new m2 drive I had to reinstall my Windows OS, when I installed Figma for desktop I found out that all my plugins are gone, I tried the browser app, the same there.

I rebooted my pc and booted the old Windows OS from the old hard drive and suddenly my plugins are there, both in desktop and browser version, why is that? I thought Figma plugins are attached to my account not my windows, is there a valid way to import them from the old windows install to the new one ?

Do I understand you correctly that you mean plugins from the community, and not developed plugins? If so, are you signed in to the correct account? Have you saved plugins using the appropriate function? Or are you talking about the last used plugins?

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Yes the community plugins that I use in my designs, I can’t find them in my newly installed Windows OS neither on the desktop version, nor on the browser version.

Ah ok, i just found out about the saving function, that solved my problem, thanks :pray:

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