My figma doesnt get updated?

My Figma desktop doesn’t get updated. I checked the solutions in the community and tried them all. I cleared the cache and uninstall the app many times also check the update on Figma app. but it doesn’t work. I’m getting mad with this problem. Please help me to update my Figma to 2024 version. Thanks.
Also when i get the modal of the update available i press install now it doean’t work too. even i get this modal rarely.


What update you didn’t recieve?

Did you mean new UI3 Figma Layout UI?

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Yes, UI3 Figma Layout

On my recently thread. Moderator was reply UI3 will roll-out in a month. That means UI3 not rolling out for all user in a same time. You and me are the same, not in lists for now.

Maybe for maintain reason, they expand for time by time.

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UI3 Figma Layout

Thanks a lot. I didn’t know it.

Same like this! My Figma app not updated for beta.

Hey everyone,
Thanks for your interest on UI3! Due to high interest, we’ve moved from waitlist to a multi-week rollout. We’re taking this approach so that we can collect your feedback and make adjustments along the way.

This means that UI3 and Figma AI are now rolling out gradually to all users—regardless of waitlist status, plan, or seat type. These closed beta features will be introduced independently over the coming months, so it’s possible for a user to gain access to UI3 before Figma AI. Thank you for your patience as we roll out these exciting new updates!

Here is our Help Center article with all the information on how do I get access to UI3 and AI:

Hope this clarifies, and make sure to keep an eye on our Help Center to stay up to date with the latest developments!