My Command Z goes into outline more instead of undo mode

Hi there. On my iMac for whatever reason when trying to undo an action (Command + Z), it puts me on outline mode. I am puzzled as to why, since this does not happen on my macbook, and the command Z function on my iMac works properly everywhere else but figma, which means there does not seem to be a keyboard config issue.

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I have the same problem.
On my laptop (AZERTY) the Cmd+Z works perfectly, but when i connect my Keyboard (QWERTZ), the Cmd+Z takes me to outline mode… It’s driving me crazy.

That is right Abi. But I figured out that when you are on QWERTZ you gotta do Cmd + W (which would be Z on AZERTY) as Figma fails to recognize the different keyboard config. At least this is how I figured it out on my spanish QWERTY set up. Cmd + Y works for me.

I’m having the same issue. I’m learning Figma and it took me forever to create my wireframes. How do I undo the Outline look and put it back to normal?


In Figma go to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts (or press Shift + Control + / on macOS) > In the bottom window find the “Layout” tab (last one in the list) > Change Keyboard layout to U.S. QWERTY or any other layout that you preferred

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