Multiple branches comparison mode issue

Hey, I am struggle a bit with a fact that when I need to have a multiple branches with some additional functionality displayed in the mockup. So let’s say I have 1.0 that is a main file and 1.1 branch with changes, but I need to add additional layer of changes and have 1.2 branch with those changes. But I don’t want to duplicate 1.0 mockups because I will need to apply to them changes from 1.1 branch first and add smth in addition above. I want copy paste what I have currently in 1.1 brach into 1.2 brach + apply some new things above it. So what I need to do is to remove copied mockups that are the part of the main file from 1.2 branch (because they don’t have the changes from 1.1), I need to copy paste my mockups from 1.1 to 1.2 and apply new changes, but then when I am trying to compare changes done in 1.2 with the main file I can’t do this, it is showing me a blank screen from the left, because I removed initially a mockups that were there before I have pasted mockups from 1.1.

Is it possible still be able to compare to the main file what I did in 1.2 branch? Maybe if the name of the frame stayed the same as a main file has, even if we copy pasted it actually from the branch 1.1 it will be still possible to compare with the main file? It is kinda strange that if I removed a frame in a brach and put there another frame from another branch (that is exactly the same as a main file except some new additions to it) with the same name as the main file has and the app already can’t match connections with the main file. I don’t want to adjust the main file twice if I just added additional layer to the changes that I’ve already done in 1.1 branch.