Multi-level sub menu prototyping

I want to create a multi-level menu prototyping. But when i am changing to next submenu links stays the same as the previous submenus.

How can i make the full menu working from one place.?

Hi @Zahid_Shad, Thank you for reaching out and for sharing the screenshot with us. We really appreciate it!

However, to better understand the issue you’re encountering, it would be helpful to see the actual setup of your prototype. Would it be possible for you to share your design file and a recording that demonstrates the issue?
This would greatly help our community to better understand and visualize the problem. By doing so, you’re likely to receive more targeted assistance.

Meanwhile, in our community, we have a wide variety of prototype design files available. I encourage you to explore some of these to compare with your own prototype and gain some insights here:

Here are a couple of examples regarding menu interaction/ navigation which might not perfectly align with your goal but if you interested, please take a look! Menu & Submenu on Hover - Dropdown Prototype, Interactive navigation bar component

Thanks again for reaching out!