Multi-edit should not affect existing overrides

When i create master from instances i select by multi select, all instances that i want bind to master via (option - command - K), become same as masters. But what if i already change instance and i want it stay changed, how can i do this? And i also cant do this action in variant set. I cant make master from nested layers in master component

Hey @Elyriades, this seems like a limitation that was caused by the same bug that I mentioned here.

If you refresh your tabs, you should now be able to select the specific instances you wish to change and preserve the instance overrides that you do not wish to change.

what does it mean refresh my tabs? I reloaded the application, but the bug remained the same

In the desktop app, you can right-click and select “Reload tab”, or you can simply refresh when using Figma in the browser.

The bug we fixed was the inability to select multiple different objects. You should now be able to hold shift to multi-select as before. Only click on the instances you wish to update. Don’t select any of the instances you wish to remain as overrides.

i didnt need multiselect by shift or anything else, reload tab didnt give me nothing. i needed make master from multiselected layers without changing already changed instances. how reload tab will help me? what the point here multiselect with shift?

Sorry for the oversight and confusion!

You cannot use multi-edit in the way you’ve described to make masters from multi-selected layers without changing already changed instances.

why dont you add this option? its no sense to make multi edit masters from instances this way, this doesn’t seem to work correctly

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve passed your feedback onto the Multi-edit team and updated your topic into a feature request.

Until the team prioritizes a fix, the only existing workaround would be to use multi-selection to only click on instances you wish to update so that the instances you wish to remain unchanged will stay as overrides.

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