Multi-edit - Moves view to last frame


  • Copy a component or something you want to paste and replace other frames with
  • Select the element you want to replace, then multi-edit to select all the other frames that are the same.
  • Hit Ctrl + Shift + R to replace
  • Figma seems to move your canvas view to the last frame the paste and replace was applied to.

My gripe: This is annoying as you have to refix your view each time you do this. It should just stay on the original frame you did the commands on and not move. Perhaps you can zoom out to show that multiple were selected, but once the action is done move it back to where I was working.

Hello @Ryan_Hayen, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Paste to replace function with Multi-edit. I understand your frustration.

After testing on my end, I confirmed that the view is on the last selected (Either in the Layers panel or on the Canvas) object before hitting Ctrl + Shift + R.

I understand how important it is for you to maintain the view. Would you mind if we changed the category of this post to “Share an Idea”?

By doing so, we can better prepare for future updates. Additionally, other community members who support your idea can vote on it, helping us gauge the level of interest and feasibility of adding this feature.

Please let me know if you are comfortable with us making this change!

I also appreciate you sharing the workaround for this issue. If I overlooked anything, please feel free to let us know.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
If anyone in our community has any insights or additional workarounds, please join the conversation!


@Junko3 - yeah sure go ahead and change to ‘share an idea’, thanks

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