Moving selected frames in Inspect Mode

Subject: Complaint Regarding Inability to Move or Select Elements/Frames in Inspect Mode

Dear Community,

I am writing to express my frustration with the recent changes to the inspect mode in the updated version of Figma I am using. As a UI designer, I heavily rely on the inspect mode to accurately position elements and objects within the frame by utilizing the live dimensions it used to provide. However, I am currently facing significant difficulties in using this feature.

One of the main issues I am encountering is the inability to select multiple elements, objects, or frames simultaneously to check their distances or dimensions. This limitation severely hampers my workflow and makes it challenging to ensure precise alignment and spacing between various components. Additionally, the functionality to move selected parts within the frame is also no longer available, further impeding my design process.

As a result, working on different iterations and presenting them to my clients has become excessively time-consuming. I now find myself constantly switching back and forth between the design and development modes, which negatively impacts my productivity. While I understand the importance of the development mode, I kindly request that the ability to move selected parts be reinstated in the inspect mode.

I am genuinely invested in resolving this issue and willing to go the extra mile to restore the efficiency of my design workflow. If necessary, I am even open to considering payment for the reinstatement of this crucial functionality. The current limitations in the inspect mode have created significant obstacles and are causing numerous problems in my design process.

I kindly request your prompt attention and assistance in addressing this matter. Your support in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated, as it will allow me to deliver higher quality designs and improve my overall productivity.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Bheemra Karthik Deshmukh

Are you aware you can can hold Alt key to check dimensions and spacing between objects without the need to switch to dev mode? I’ve never met a single designer who uses inspect mode in their workflow frequently.


If I was beside you, I’d kiss you and take you out on a date (brotherly date) for sharing this. I did search for and ask people, they didn’t respond.

I’ll not delete this thread, because I have seen people on twitter without this knowledge.

And thanks a lot Gled.

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