Moving components between files

I have a component that’s currently in File A. However, I want to move this component to File B so that its instances will now point to File B. How do I do this?


Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a super easy way to do this. Once you remove the component from File A, all the instances will remain with a note in the right panel that the parent component has been deleted. Once you add the component to File B, you would then have to swap each existing instance to point to the File B component using the Swap Instance functionality in the right panel.

(These instructions are assuming that File B is a library file that is linked to whatever files the instances are in. Not sure if it’s as simple if File B isn’t a library since I don’t have as much experience with that.)


Hi @Joshua_Kaufman ! Was wondering if you found an easier solution to this instead of manually changing all the instances :smiley:


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Thanks for responding @tank666 ! That’s what I initially did, but it didn’t work. The components I moved were initially unpublished. Publishing after moving them to a different file still does redirects me to the original file when I click “Go to main component” on the 2nd file.

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  1. First you had to publish the source file as a library;
  2. Then cut and paste the component from the source file into the destination file (your second library file);
  3. Publish the library change, agreeing to the component move;
  4. Accept the library update in the source file.

Please see the Help Center article in my post above if you haven’t already.

Thanks @tank666! That works.

I made changes already on the other file though. So I still have to redo the links manually. I’ll take note of that for next time :smiley: