Move an element manually when in an Auto-layout (Absolute Positioning greyed out)

I have a list of todo’s in an auto-layout frame. I need to access the X access to move one of the todo’s out out of frame to the right (for prototype animation purposes). When I select the todo the X & Y axis are greyed out though. I though of using Absolute Positioning but that options seems to be greyed out also. Can anyone explain when this parameters are greyed out and if theres a workaround for what I’m trying to achieve?


You cannot change coordinates for objects inside auto layout (unless they are set to absolute position). Therefore, remove the auto layout from the parent layer and change the coordinates of nested objects.

Thanks. How do I remove auto-layout from a frame? Also how do I ungroup 2 objects?

Use the appropriate option.

I don’t quite understand what 2 objects we are talking about, but to ungroup, use the appropriate option.

I have selected my auto-layout frame in the layers list, but there is no “-” icon in the auto-layout section of the Design panel. I can also see no option to remove auto-layout when i right click on the auto-layout frame on the canvas. Alt+shift+A doesn’t work either.

I’ve attached an image of my Layers structure below in case its due to the way I have things stacked? I have selected the frame in the Layers list that I want to remove auto-layout from. I have multiple layers of auto-layout and its the lowest frame:

The point is that you are trying to edit an instance. You need to do this in the master component.

No, I have double checked. I am editing the master component!

Do I understand correctly that you want to change the coordinates of the “Todo” layers? These layers are in an instance of the “Auto-layout List” component.

Yes, thats correct. I’m already in the master component though right? When I right click the component there is no option to “Go to main component”

In the screenshot above, you are in the “TODO LIST MASTER” component. Select the “Auto-layout List” instance layer and select “go to main component” to edit it.

Also, strange… I managed to copy one of the nested list components out of the main component to try and remove auto-layout from this base layer - managed it and now X & Y are indeed available, but the auto-layout handles are still available in the canvas. Is this to be expected?

You can see the red dots down the centre of the list (when i hover over i get handles);

The “Fresh” layer is an auto layout frame (not a component, not an instance), so once you’ve copied it to the canvas, you can edit it.

These are not auto layout handles. This is smart selection.

Sounds like you need to learn how components and instances work.