Mousing around the Figma canvas (horizontal scroll)

How do you scroll around your Figma canvas with a normal scroll-wheel mouse?

I use a Magic Mouse for Figma work. That means I can scroll in any direction with a single finger on the top of the mouse, which is super convenient.

For ergonomic reasons I am moving to a larger mouse. Are there mouses other than Apple’s that have the touch surface on them? If not I guess I’m transitioning to a scroll wheel.

How do you navigate the canvas with a scroll wheel? Having to hold a modifier key to enter or change modes feels like it’ll be clumsy after the easy one-finger movement of the Magic Mouse.

Hey @spiff, thank you for reaching out!

For horizontal scrolling can you try holding hold shift and scroll?

Also for zooming in an out with a scroll-wheel mouse you can adjust it in your preferences.

Let me know if this works for you, thanks!