More overlay actions - Close overlay > on scroll/go to

I usually construct flows with using many overlays (drawer, backdrops). Now, there is a problem, 'cause i can’t close overlay and go to the next screen. For example, imagine, that you have a 2 or 3 layers of overlays. For go out from 2nd layer overlays you need to use “swap overlay” with 1st layer and it gets backdrop darker… not convenient. You need to edit that specially. Or another issue. You can’t use effect of closing for go to next not-ovelay-screen, because you’re forced to use “Instant”… this feature doesn’t look difficult.


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I would like my overlay to close when the user scrolls, or be able to control the z-order, so it scrolls under my pinned header. Any ideas on this? Right now my manual overlay scrolls with the page and scrolls over the top of pinned items, looking broken and glitchy.

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I’m looking for a solution for it too

A interaction “Close targeted overlay” could be good