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Modal Scrolling

I have an issue regarding with the scroll within a modal, wonder if anyone have gotten this on your projects.

As you see in the sample, the scroll feature works, but once I bring the modal up, some how the view kicks back and doesn’t allow me to scroll all the way down, wonder what’s wrong with my setup…

thanks in advance


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Decrease the height of the vertical scroll frame (make this frame fit the height of the phone screen minus the top margin).

Make sure that parent frame of the scrolling part is aligned at the bottom with his parent. This should solve the problem :wink:

@tank666 , @Dane_Zakula
Thanks so much for the guidance, I thought by keeping the frame all open will just display everything…

by clipping the view to the height of the phone it will contain the entire design under that view.

Solved the problem, thanks a lot again