Missing plugins in quick actions


Where is all of the plugins in quick actions? Have couple of them (10-15 of 100+)

In new update panel i have all of them but in search is nothing to see.



Yes. Same here. This is a terrible bug.
Hope it gets reverted to how it was before quickly.

I was using the command prompt to launch 90% of my plugins.
But now it is a chore to open the plugins window and browse for the right ones.

Absolute flow killer.


Agreed, like @Andre1 said it’s a flow killer, they just keep adding shit behind menus for no reason.

By now it is mostly reverted for me. But often adding the Prefix “Installed Plugins>” To the choices presented.

Works the same as before but with added clutter? :thinking:
Anyways I am happy that they fixed it kinda.
Thanks for the fix Figma.

I’m also having this issue. I was recording onboarding videos for my design interns and couldn’t find the plug-in in the menus at all even if it said it was installed in Community.

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Thanks for reporting this everyone! This should now be fixed.